6 Captivating things to do in Hunza Gilgit Baltistan

One of the best and most captivating places in Northern Pakistan is Hunza, a popular tourist city in the Gilgit-Baltistan province. The things to do here, the scenery of being an in a high-altitude place surrounded by some of the highest mountains in the world. Its mesmerizing and can really make you forget about the world where you have so many responsibilities and concerns. There are quite a few things to do here once you manage to make your way to Hunza. We will list down some of our favorite things along with other things that might make your lists but not ours.
Baltit fort
This castle is about seven-hundred years old and is encouraged through Tibetan structure, bearing some similarity to the Potala Palace in Lhasa. Over the years, numerous Hunza-Nagar rulers have made additions and adjustments to the authentic structure. In 1945, the Mir of Hunza abandoned the castle and moved into a brand new residence closely. More than 40 years of forget left the fortress in significant disrepair and a 4-year recuperation programme, finished in 1996, became supported by using the Aga Khan agree with for subculture’s historic cities programme. Rental cars can easily travel to this area, make sure it has enough engine capacity to travel to Hunza.
Tickets price Rs250 and buy you a forty five-minute guided excursion, entire with a narration of the captivating records of the fort and how its inhabitants used to live through the years. Getting to the citadel is about a 20-minute steep uphill walk (from Hunza Serena motel) along a cobblestone route, so comfortable footwear is crucial. The fantastic view of the Hunza valley as soon as your reach the top is well worth the exertion.
Altit Fort
The restoration of this structure began in 2004 and was completed within 6 years later. The fort is now open to the vats public and includes grounds such as KhaBasi Café and Leif Larsen Music Center. The fees for entering in the fort is 300 Rs and you get a guided tour as well, of the fort. The Fort might be smaller than Baltit but it is equally remarkable as well and has amazing views.
Kha Basi Café
This charming and precise cafe, run solely through ladies, has a small indoor dining space, but the pleasant spot for a cup of tea is the veranda overlooking the adjacent valley. stop via after touring the Altit fortress to sample conventional Hunza delicacies, like the Chap Chrro (flatbread with a meat filling), Brustz Shapik (flatbread filled with local cheese, pro with herbs and apricot oil), and Diram Phitti (a wholesome dessert made with wheat and apricot oil).
Eagles Nest
It’s a 40-minute, steep uphill pressure to the Eagles Nest hotel from Karimabad. Right next to the hotel is a popular point of view, frequented mainly at dawn and sunset. You can manage to get there simply earlier than sundown and the perspectives all round have been breathtaking as the light changed and faded.
Café De Hunza
This amazing café is a 5-minute walk from Serena Inn. Quite popular amongst the tourist who visit Hunza, this café is known to many people who are visiting Hunza as they have heard of it before from others. One item that is particularly very popular is the Hunza Walnut Cake which is a dense pastry-like cake with caramel walnut filling. Another item to try from their menu is the huge fluffy pancakes which are available with a variety of toppings like Spinach and Nutella.
Attabad Lake
It became in the main cloudy and wet at some point of our drive to Hunza, however I’m sincerely glad it was clean and sunny the day we went to Attabad Lake. The water is a hanging color of blue, surrounded by a range of mountains, and it’s crazy to think it failed to even exist till 2010, whilst a devastating landslide brought about its formation. The lake is a 40-minute power from the Hunza Serena lodge. Boats rides are about 50 mins lengthy and value 2000 Rs according to boat. Just take a rent a car to travel to this area to enjoy the lake and the serenity of the area.
Glacier Breeze Restaurant
I hadn’t had a pleasant cup of tea of coffee given that we left Islamabad. After Attabad Lake, we headed on to Glacier Breeze restaurant (close to the Passu village) for their famous apricot cake, and I was beyond excited after I noticed filter espresso at the menu. Once I inquired, I half of anticipated the person taking our order to mention they did not have any. while he in the end delivered out a massive French press packed with espresso, it was a pretty amazing feeling in the end.
You have to climb loads of steps to get to the eating place, that’s quite plenty within the middle of nowhere. Once you attain the pinnacle although, there’s an amazing view of the Passu Glacier and Cathedral Ridge from here and also you’re most effective approximately a -hour drive away from Khunjerab pass.

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