best hotels to stay in north pakistan

5 unusual and rare Hotel you love to stay at in North Pakistan

Visiting Northern zones of Pakistan, you will able to find an inebriating experience with 5 unusual and rare stay overs, it boosts some thrilling and rather rare and uncommon places to stay.

In this way, regardless of whether you are a tourist or a seasoned traveler searching for a new experience or you’re planning your first trip to the north, this collection of spoiling tents, Glamps, and wooden cabins will assist you with spicing your trip. So, read this list and book your rent a car or take public transport for your first trip.

Serena Hotel

Situated in the capital city of Swat Valley, Saidu Sharif, Serena hotel is a wonderful hotel set on 2 hectares of landscaped grounds, this hotel with views on the surrounding valley is 14 minutes’ walk from Swat Museum’s Buddhist exhibits and 4 km from N95 road. 

Serena Hotel is encircled by excellent gardens and furthermore offers banquets and halls for events and occasions. It accompanies a ton of facilities like pool region, parking region and badminton courts, and so forth. The environment is quite luxurious and modern and the staff is very well helpful as well.

Gilgit Serena Hotel

Gilgit hotel offers the highest quality of care and comfort to its guests. They have actualized a complete response plan for Covid-19 with industry-driving protocols and SOPs for the cleanliness of offices, visitor care, and workplace security. This incorporates: 

  • Training of all staff levels in cleanliness and workplace interactions to actuate safety and social distancing
  • COVID-19 Prevention Plan arranged by our in-house Health Clinic 
  • Temperature screening and health inquiry form for guests 
  • Disinfection and purifying of all the region and visitor things 
  • Provision of face masks and hand sanitizers to visitors
  • Ensuring safe distance in all visitor interactions
  • Discontinuation of all paper things like newspaper, pamphlets, and introduction of digital menus
  • A 24-hour isolate of the room after use 

They permit a considerable time frame of 24 hours for any reserving change or cancellation. They are intently checking the circumstance and adjusting their approaches keeping the safety of visitors and staff as their most priority.

Glamp Pakistan at Katpana Desert Skardu

Glamp Pakistan is situated in Katpana Desert Skardu, it’s an alternate stayover in Gilgit Baltistan with cabins + camps. In general, reviews are Excellent on TripAdvisor and Facebook.

Shangrila Resort Skardu 

Shangrila Resort Skardu, also famous as HEAVEN ON EARTH, settled among the highest peaks of the world. It circles the Kachura Lake, heart in shape, encompassed by gardens fully loaded by frits and flowers.

A trip spent at Shangrila Resort is a lifetime experience that one would want to relive again and again. Situated at a height of 25000 meters (8000 feet) generally known as The Roof of The World. Because of its terrific beauty and stunning views and serene atmosphere.

The perfect time to visit Shangrila is from March to November. AirBus A-320 flies daily from Islamabad International Airport, takes around 40 minutes.

There are also some in-House attractions in the resort that includes Pagoda Restaurant, Lake View Rest, DC-3 Cafe, Rock Lounge Cafe, Conference offices, View Point, Mini Zoo, Trout Hatchery, Jogging, Trekking. If you haven’t visited the Shangrila Resort then you must give it a try. Pack your bag, book your cheap rent a car in Lahore or any other city and enjoy a life-time experience with your loved ones

Sweet tooth Hunza

It is certainly not something hidden from the world that Pakistan is one of the best tourist attractions on the globe. The colorful areas, rich green landscape, and the hilly districts, this country has everything. With all these gifts, Pakistan has built many hotels to accommodate travelers, one of these hotels is Sweet Tooth Hunza.

It is situated at Zero Point of Karimabad, Hunza, Sweet Tooth café is turning into an ultimate honeymoon destination for Pakistani couples. The restaurant offers a room molded as Igloo with the amazing view on Attabad Lake, such magnificence in one spot. Sweet Tooth Igloo is becoming very popular via social networking media and people are going crazy over it. 

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