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5 Tips for Winter Trip to North

To travel in Pakistan is a unique experience that natives and foreigners both love. Blessed with abundant natural and historical beauty, there are a lot of aspects to enjoy and the journey could be exciting, surprising and frustrating. It is an ultimate destination for backpackers and adventure seeker and if you are one of them, you travel to North. If in winter, you get yourself hitting the roads towards North, you should keep some tips in mind for safe journey.

Know the Route and Weather Conditions

It is first and foremost to know the route of your journey and travel conditions you might face. Road closures are common in northern areas. Avalanche situation may have occurred that you should know beforehand and pay attention to. Tires of your vehicle should be properly inflated and in a good condition. The speed of car should be maintained especially on snowy road. Weather conditions are also significant to consider before starting your trip. If you have hired the services of Bhai Sahab Transport, Rent a car Lahore, then you can leave all such worries on your driver and enjoy the tour.

Stay Hydrated

It becomes very hard to stay hydrated during winter as you do not feel thirsty much but the tip is you have to. While on a road trip, bring enough water and keep refilling during your stays. It is best to take an insulated bottle too. In case of severe climate you can boil water to fill bottles and it will not freeze soon. Dehydration does not seem likely in cold weather conditions but not drinking enough water will reduce activeness that is dangerous for road trips.Other than water, your body needs nourishment. Keep healthy options such as fruits and sandwiches in warm area of car for your journey, you can also get food while making stops along your way.

Layered Clothing

Wearing your clothes in layers is the best way to keep warm and comfortable too. Do not think to stay fully covered the whole time, remove upper layer of your clothing during physical activity to prevent overheating and sweating. After the activity, however, put back layers.For base layer, you can opt Merino Wool tops and bottoms. This stuff wicks moisture away from your skin, is warm and does not smell. For mid layer you can have fleece top and waterproof pants and warm coat for outer layer. Also, during your journey you may experience change in weather, so keep something extra for such conditions. Caps are also essential for keeping your head warm.  A pair of goggles or sunglasses is also helpful.

Pack Smartly

Excess packing is never desirable while on roads. You just need enough clothes and some needed stuff. While on a trip, 2-3 jeans/ bottoms and 7-8 tops will suffice. For cold weather you need a pair of gloves, some socks, warm coat, cap and boots, also a rain coat if rain is expected. Other than clothing, pack sanitary essentials, electronics and chargers, a torchlight and a blanket. Too much packing is not recommended by travellers as handling extra stuff is unbearable.

 Spend Cash Wisely

For your trip, take enough cash as almost all of the places accept cash only. Not only having extra cash is fair but storing them is essential too. Take out some of the cash and store it in a separate place for any emergency situation that may arise. The purpose of travelling is to explore Mother Nature and know people, places and cultures that are different from you. So, avoid spending excess money in getting too comfortable, stay in small traditional hotels or camps and eat from dhabas to get the true taste of that place.

Travelling is said to be done without much planning and delays, however travelling in certain areas in specific conditions require some tips that should be followed to enhance your experience and to avoid any mishap. When you travel towards North, you feel great change in weather and environment, thus it is advisable to work around some key points. Rental Cars are easily available according to the area you are travelling to, so take your family or friends group and make some irreplaceable memories.

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