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5 Most Popular Road Trip Destinations in Pakstan

Taking a road trip in Pakistan, or somewhere else for that matter, doesn’t need to be expensive or hectic. All you need is a vehicle or a minivan, a budget for fuel and food, a GPS navigation gadget or Google Maps, and a fun group of people ready to get away from the city life for a short while. But if you don’t have any vehicle then you don’t have to cancel your plan, you can hire any Rent A Car in Lahore or any other city and you can continue with your road trip.

Luckily, there is no lack of lovely places to visit in Pakistan. From the amazingly staggering valleys in the north to a striking coastline surrounded by tall mountains in the south, the country is loaded with beautiful vacation destinations simply waiting to be explored. 

Nonetheless, what we generally tend to overlook is that the journey is often more important than the destination location. 

Traveling by road could be tiring, particularly for drivers. In any case, they offer you a chance to find the geographical diversity and appreciate the simple magnificence in the landscape that you would have missed otherwise. 

To be honest, road trips can make your trip quite memorable. Thus, if you are longing for a break from your daily schedule and hope to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul, here are some perfect road trips in Pakistan that everybody needs to take at least once in his life.

Azad Kashmir

Azad Kashmir, which means “Free Kashmir”, is a self-governing political entity like Gilgit-Baltistan that, along with the latter, forms some part of the Pakistan-controlled region of once the unified state of Jammu and Kashmir. Regardless of their political autonomy, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan still act like regions of Pakistan, which India claims has a place with her. Jammu and Kashmir are now divided at the border with India. 

If Gilgit-Baltistan was astounding enough, you should make your way down to the associating Azad Kashmir to give your eyes a chance to devour more magnificence. In Muzaffarabad, the capital city, you can make a head up for Pir Chinasi at a peak of 2,900 meters and take in the panoramic view of the city.

The luring rich green forests and peaceful waters of Neelum Valley, Jhelum Valley, Sharda Valley, and Leepa Valley are certainly not to be missed. There are also lovely lakes situated in these valleys, for example, the Shounter Lake, Ratti Gali Lake and Chitta Katha Lake in Neelum Valley! 

Rawalakot, another city in Azad Kashmir, also offers entrancing attractions, for example, Nergola Waterfall and the beautiful Banjosa Lake. You can also explore different cities, for example, Mirpur and Dadyal. 


The road to Nathiagali is straight out of a fantasy.

A road trip to Nathiagali through Islamabad is the ideal option for the individuals who live in Lahore or surrounding areas. You can take your car or take any Rental Car service; pack all the important stuff and you are all ready for this trip. There is a 6-lane motorway linking the two cities. Various rest areas have been constructed on either side of the road. If you travel through M2 Motorway, it’ll take you around 5 to 6 hours to get to the federal capital from the ‘City of Gardens.’ 

Once in Islamabad, you have two alternatives. You can either take the Murree Expressway and arrive at your destination through Murree or take a relatively long route through Hazara Expressway. If you take the subsequent route, you will reach Nathiagali via Abbottabad. 

Both routes are staggeringly excellent with rich green trees and mountains encompassing the road. Notwithstanding, the road associating Nathiagali to Abbottabad looks it’s straight out of a fantasy. The charming scene will make you forget your fatigue and keep you dazzled throughout your voyage. 


Pakistan’s capital Islamabad is a tranquil city surrounded by comforting landscape. One of the most sought-after places is the Faisal Mosque, with its impressive whitewashed facade and four minarets towering over you. Situated in the lower regions of Margalla Hills, which itself is famous among explorers, the mosque is, actually, a gift from Saudi Arabia for the individuals of Pakistan, and is the biggest mosque in the country. 

Now in case you’re already in the lower regions of Margalla Hills, you can make your way toward Saidpur Village that has been around since the Mughal period. Here you can witness the perfect blend of the conventional with the modern, in spite of it being an informal heritage site. 

Also, do walk up to Daman-e-Koh, from which you can see the landscape of the capital city. Try this at night for a fantastic night view! There are also incredible historical centers to visit, for example, the Lok Virsa Museum if you are interested in learning more about the rituals, culture, and legacy of the various group of people in Pakistan. From here, you can take a five-minute drive up the street to get a look at the blooming flower structure of the Pakistan Monument. It symbolizes the country’s provinces — Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa — in four petals while the three smaller petals speak to its three regions, to be specific Gilgit-Baltistan, Azad Kashmir, and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas. 

Just in front of the Pakistan monument is a wax museum, known as the Pakistan Monument Museum, where you can become familiar with Pakistan’s history.


One more piece of paradise on earth, the route to Swat Valley in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is just as delightful as the destination. If you are beginning your road trip from Islamabad, you can easily take the M1 motorway to Mardan. From that point, you can travel to Takht-I-Bahi, an ancient Buddhist religious community and one of the six UNICEF World Heritage Sites in Pakistan. 

You’ll need to pass through Dargai, Malakand Pass and Chakdara to reach Saidu Sharif, the administrative capital of Swat. From Islamabad, it would take you around five hours to arrive at this vacation spot. However, it will take around four hours if you pick Peshawar as your starting point. 

You can stay the night in either Saidu Sharif or Mingora, as they are both famous among travelers. However, try to book a room ahead of time as both of these spots remain crowded throughout the year. 


A road trip to Hunza Valley might be longer than the rest on the list, yet it is also going to be one of the most staggering and memorable adventures of your entire life. If you pick Islamabad as the starting point of your journey, you’ll need to pass through Hazara Expressway to reach Abbottabad. From that point, you can cross Mansehra to reach Balakot and stop there for some refreshment. 

After Balakot, you will continue your journey towards Kholian and make your way towards the beautiful Kaghan Valley. This complete route is loaded up with enchanting landscapes in the form of excellent valleys, thick green meadows, spouting rivers and beautiful mountains. The street will then lead you to Naran. From that point, you will reach Besar before traveling upwards towards Babusar top, the highest point in the valley. 

Even though it is one of the most popular road trips in Pakistan, it can also be a bit tricky. The street from Babusar Pass to Chillas is brimming with twists and turns, which makes it a little bit dangerous. However, it won’t a big deal for seasoned drivers. You can either stay the night at Chillas, which tends to get a little warm during the summer season, or continue your journey towards Jaglot on the magnificent Karakoram Highway and make a refreshing break there. 

The next morning, you can make a trip through Gilgit to reach Hunza Valley, the most famous vacation spot in Pakistan. Since the whole region is loaded up with unparalleled natural beauty, you can’t run out of places to explore here.

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