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5 Most Charming Villages you need to visit in Pakistan

We all know that Pakistan has a lot of delightful and appealing places that attract tourists. In fact, it is said that Pakistan will host the 2021 world tourism forum.

The natural magnificence in Pakistan is absolutely unmatched, particularly in the northern regions and the Kashmir area. Some part of Pakistan is well known for rich green valleys. The wonderful rivers, crystal clear lakes, snow-capped mountains, and stunning people. 

There are numerous destinations in our country, which gives you the captivating views. But hold up a moment, much the same as these giant valleys and cities, villages of Pakistan are not overlooked, that portrays the real natural beauty.

Have you ever visited the Most Beautiful Villages in Pakistan? If not, then must visit them as the fresh greenery. The air will give you the lifetime experience of natural and true beauty.

Individuals prefer to go to the large cities to see the places, however, they don’t realize that there are many amazing villages in Pakistan, which are more appealing than large cities. 

To feel the paradise on earth, there are still many underestimated places you probably have not seen yet. The most delightful villages in Pakistan! Here is the list of 5 most charming villages in Pakistan you should visit once. 


The Kel village is situated in Azad Kashmir. You can see numerous private rest houses and hotels for travelers to stay. So, don’t forget to visit these eye-catching places with little villages and towns for the wonderful climate, pure food, and a healthy environment.

Passu Village

Passu Village is a fanciful haven loaded up with rich green terraced fields on which local people cultivate the most heavenly natural produce. It is encircled by captivating sights on each side, the Passu Glacier on one side, and the popular Passu Cones on the other, otherwise called the Passu Cathedral.

It is situated on the Karakoram Highway in transit from Hunza to Khunjerab Pass, a couple of kilometers from a region called Gulmit. These snow-covered mountains are probably the most stunning peaks outlined by nature in the world.

One look at them will leave you speechless as the peaks gladly announce the terrifying magnificence of nature. The village is calm and there is a lovely energetic river that runs along one whole side.

This is a must-visit village, if you haven’t visited it yet, then don’t delay it further, hire cheap rent a car in Lahore or any other city and visit this beautiful village with your loved ones.

Ganish Village

Ganish is an interesting and picturesque village that contains mosques that were manufactured many years back. The village accompanies an encyclopedia of history and is viewed as an archive of the long-standing history of the Silk Route that has been utilized by tourists for quite a long time.

It is encircled by excellent tall trees that change as many colors as chameleons with the changing of seasons. 

The village is found near the glorious Hunza river. The old culture of the village is still preserved by local people who have kept on living there for ages as well as starkly marked by incredible towers that were worked by their ancestors.

The history and culture joined by the glorious magnificence of the mountain ranges and the powerful river against the backdrop of brilliantly colored trees make the village a scene out of an imaginative masterpiece.


With numerous excellent lakes, waterfalls, and other stunning places, Gilgit Baltistan is one of the loveliest areas of Pakistan, you should visit the magnificent village there Phander.

This is one of the most dazzling villages in Pakistan, which permits us to observe charming nature. To know more about Gilgit Baltistan, check this: 8 Reasons Why you should visit Gilgit Baltistan. 

Marala Village

Marala is a beautiful village inundated in endless fields of wheat and plenty of sunflowers. Because of the absence of urban development, the skyline is submerged in clouds during the day and shrouded in red and pink tones come nightfall. It is situated at a short distance from the city of Gujrat and is one of the loveliest and peaceful villages in Punjab.

At the peak of sunrise, local people arise and start their day on the fields and farms. The whole village is filled with the singing of birds and the trees give adequate shade to any individual who wants to simply sit and enjoy the view in isolation. 

These are the 5 most charming villages of Pakistan that one must visit. If you never experienced a visit to any village before then these villages are worth a try. Book your rental car from any agency and plan your next trip to one of these beautiful and charming villages.

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