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5 Best Off-Road Trips Spots in Pakistan.

Taking an off-road trip in Pakistan, or some other top trending destinations in Pakistan for that matter, does not need to be costly or wild. All you need is a vehicle or a mini-van if you do not own one you can always use Rent a car facility, a budget for fuel and food, a GPS navigation gadget or Google Maps, and a great gathering of individuals ready to escape the city life for a short timeframe. 

Luckily, there is no absence of lovely places to visit in Pakistan. From the amazingly stunning valleys in the north to a striking coastline encompassed by tall mountains in the south, the country is brimming with pleasant tourist destinations just waiting to be explored. 

However, in this article, we are going to mention 5 best off-road destinations in Pakistan for all those who love to travel and adventure.

Trip to Khushab

Khushab District is an area in the region of Punjab, Pakistan. Its administrative capital is in Jauharabad. The area is named after the historical city of Khushab situated inside its limits. As per the 1998 census, the populace was 905,711 with 24.76% living in urban territories. The district comprises of three tehsils, 

  1. Khushab
  2. Noorpur Thal 
  3. Quaidabad 

and a Sub-Tehsil Naushehra. Khushab is the origin of Heavy Water. It is also home to the Natural Uranium Research Reactor, some portion of Pakistan’s Special Weapons Program. There are two major lakes to visit in Khushab:

  • Khabeki lake 
  • Uchali lake

Trip to Bagh

Before getting the status of an independent area in 1988, Bagh was a piece of District Poonch. This region nearly looks like region Poonch in its history, customs, culture, and conventions. District Bagh, in general, is wealthy in variegated natural beauty. Geologically, this region falls into the mountainous zone. 

Bagh, the regional headquarters of district Bagh is about 100 Km from Muzaffarabad by means of Kohala and 80 kilometers through Suddhen Gali, 205 Kilometers away from Islamabad and at a distance 48 Kilometer from Rawalakot. This town is located on the intersection of two mini nullahs-Malwani and Mall, which flow throughout the year.

The individuals of Bagh are bold, brave, and talented. The famous Haji Peer Pass is around 32 kilometers away from Bagh city connected with the metaled street. Middle standard hotels, PWD, and rest houses in the forest are available for guests. If you really want to enjoy some off-road trip, this is a must go place. So, rent a car, book your rest house, and enjoy a delightful trip with your loved ones.

Trip to Kotli

Kotli is 141 km away from Islamabad – the capital of Pakistan. It is connected with Mirpur by two metaled streets, one by means of Gulpur and Rajdhani (distance of about 90 KMS), and the other by means of Dhungi and Charohi. It is also directly connected with Islamabad and Rawalpindi by means of Sehnsa and Holar. It additionally has a direct link with Rawalakot by means of Trarkhal (the distance of about 82 kilometers). 

Region Kotli is bounded by the possessing Indian powers of Indian-administrated Kashmir in the east, and in the south, by Mirpur District in the south and to its north Rawalakot. Kotli is the one among the eight districts of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan. Kotli the main town of the district, was initially a minor town among Mirpur and Muzaffarabad, yet has recently observed significant development.

Trip to Kaghan

Kaghan is the name of the most appealing valley in the North West, in the region of Mansehra, district of Hazara, Frontier Province of Pakistan. This 160 km long valley is well known as one of Pakistan’s most famous summer destinations. 

Kunhar River which is popular due to its trout fish flows through the valley and has many famous towns like Balakot, Paras, Kaghan, Mahandari, and Naran on its banks.

The valley features pine forest, mountainous meadows, and perfectly clear water lakes and cool mountain streams. The local individuals are welcoming, friendly, and simple in nature. An excursion in Kaghan Valley is a life-changing and memorable experience!

Trip to Khaplu

700 years old kingdom, the Khaplu, in the core of Ganche valley, Skardu is a perfect summer retreat for city individuals. Tall green trees line up close by the street — as though to welcome you. This town is at a drive of almost 26 hours from the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad.

It is also recommended to stay for a while at Chilas to get there in one piece. If you are confused in managing the budget of your Tour Can always Use our guide to Plan a budget friendly trip

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