rules to drive a bike on motorway M2

24 Rules for Heavy Bikers to Drive on Motorway-M2

For a long while, there was a case going on in the Islamabad High Court to allow the entry of heavy bikes on M2 Motorway. Only two or three days, the decision to allow heavy bikes on the motorway was authorized and now a letter by the office of the Inspector General of Police National Highways and Motorways Police has surfaced on the web. 

It was a visual treat for one and all with a beautiful display of classy heavy bikes at the Ravi Toll Plaza, as a rally was held to mark the award of authorization to bikers to run on the motorway for the very first time. Drivers of all kinds of auto, 4-wheeler, rent a car, trucks, and buses, are enjoying this beautiful display of heavy bikes celebrating this authorization.

The National Solidarity Rally began from the toll plaza and finished at the Bhera exchange, accompanied by motorway police and the media. Individuals from the bikers’ associations named it a positive gesture by the authorities, saying they had been looking for permission to allow heavy bikes on the motorway for quite a while. 

Heavy Bikes on Motorway-M2

As per the notification, approval to 600cc heavy bikes has been settled till the decision of the Supreme Court on an appeal filed by the NHMP against the IHC’s decision.

According to the terms and conditions, NHMP will give a card to the heavy-bike riders which would be canceled if the speed of heavy bike would surpass 30km the prescribed limits of 110km or not obeying the traffic rules. 

Aside from all the discussion, IHC has now given a green sign to heavy bikes more than 600 cc engine capacity. In this regard, motorway police had prior given the conditions for managing their entrance on motorways. National Highways and Motorway Police, is engaged under Section 45 read with Section 90 of the National Highway Safety Ordinance 2000 to manage, decide and regulate the kind of permissible traffic at some random time keeping in view the road and climate conditions. The authority, accordingly, under this consent, gave the accompanying conditions for heavy bike entry on motorways.

The 24 rules and Conditions of Riding your Heavy Bike on the Motorway

You can read the full 24 rules and conditions of heavy bike entry on motorways below. A simplified version of these conditions is written down for you. 

  1. Heavy bikes are just granted permission to enter the motorway after a Biker Card by NHMP has been given to the rider.
  2. Only the individual holding the biker card along with a valid heavy bike license will be able to enter the motorway.
  3. The minimum age to get a biker card is 30 years. A medical card will be required when applying for one. 
  4. The biker card will be a non-transferable file and will have to be renewed yearly.
  5. When applying for the biker card for your heavy bike, you will have to present an undertaking on a stamp paper authenticated by a legal office public.
  6. The motorbike entering the M2 motorway must have a valid number plate after registration from an authenticated agency of the federal or provincial government.
  7. The maximum speed limit to ride a heavy bike on Motorway has been set to 110kmph. 
  8. In the case of over speeding, one wheeling, crazy driving, or neglecting to stop when ordered by a cop of motorway police will bring about the cancellation of the license and the biker card of the rider. The violator will also be banned from securing the license and biker card for a time of a half year.
  9. Heavy bikes will be allowed during the interval from sunrise to sunset in normal climate conditions and visibility.
  10. Pillion riding wouldn’t be permitted on motorways.
  11. Visible reflectors shall be exhibited at the back of heavy bikes entering motorways
  12. Heavy bikes must be in ideal working condition to enter on M2
  13. Heavy bikes will have to have side mirrors to enter
  14. Motorbikes below 660cc engines will not be permitted to enter on the motorways
  15. The least tread depth of front and rear wheels of heavy bikes shall be at least 1 mm.
  16. To increase its visibility for other drivers of all kinds of vehicles, 4-wheeler, trucks, Rental cars and buses, every heavy bike will keep its headlights on.
  17. The heavy bike will have to be fitted with appropriate silencers. Any heavy bike found making loud, harsh, or shrill noise will not be permitted on the motorways.
  18. Heavy bicycles for racing shall not be permitted to enter on M2.
  19. Every heavy bike rider will have to wear standard protective gear including headgear, strengthened gloves, protective clothing (one piece, or two pieces riding suit) with a shield at the back, elbow, shoulders, knees, and hips.
  20. Every heavy bike rider has to wear a reflecting jacket for enhanced visibility.
  21. The heavy bike riders shall not be permitted to ply on the 3rd lane of the carriageway.
  22. In adverse climate conditions, poor visibility after sunset, the heavy bike riders shall be made to exit from the closest interchange or to stop their heavy bikes in the nearest service areas.
  23. A biker card gave under these conditions shall not confer any vested right on the holder of such card to use of motorway. NHMP shall have the power to restrict the entry of heavy bikes on motorways.
  24. These conditions shall be subject to rules and conditions issued from time to time. NHMP shall have the powers to suspend, cancel, or withdraw, or, repudiate such biker cards either generally, or, through a specific order issued for suspension, cancellation, withdrawal or repudiation of a biker card or cards.
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