cheapest places to travel in the world

10 Cheapest Places to Travel in the World

Keep in mind those times when making a trip to places was just a luxury and a pre-requisite for the prosperous and privileged? Definitely, right. As per many sources, the number of travelers voyaging will increase by double soon. That implies, a greater number of individuals wanting to travel, less expensive flights, cheap rent a car and more fun. 

God’s green and lovely earth is a delight to explore for the individuals who wish to see. Since people are fond of traveling but go shy on discovering tremendously high air tickets. But that is not true. No one’s telling you to take a flight from Karachi to New York or Copenhagen – obviously, they are going to cost around a fortune. We are discussing places close by and that includes Europe. Some of the destinations on the earth are not so much costly to travel; you simply need PKR 100,000 and more for the entire trip and you’re great.


The least expensive flight to Istanbul, Turkey from Pakistan is of Rs 42,000. The most lovely and breathtaking places in Istanbul you should visit are the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia Museum, Top Kapi Palace and so on.


Did you know that Iran has the cheapest currencies on the planet? Well, if you didn’t know previously, you do now. This Muslim country can be one of the least expensive travel destinations if you want to go from Pakistan. But if you are thinking that because it is one the least expensive travel destination, it won’t have a lot to offer with regards to spectacular landscapes, we would recommend you to reconsider. Iran offers you one of the strongest constructed infrastructures mind-numbingly lovely landscapes. The huge currency gap can be helpful to the Pakistanis traveling to Iran. 

Dubai, UAE:

The least expensive trip to Dubai from Pakistan is Rs 41,000. You should visit the greatest shopping centers in Dubai including of course Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Mall and so on.


Thailand is one of the most spectacular tourist destinations on the planet. Most of the individuals out there, pick Thailand for their honeymoon destination and never has anybody regretted that decision. Thailand offers you with the most beautiful views on stunning beaches along with great food. Even shopping in Thailand isn’t expensive and you will return with various shopping bags if you plan on heading off to the heart of Southeast Asian Countries. Thailand is always on the bucket list of most of the youths out there and if you think you can’t go there because it would be too expensive.

Sri Lanka

Endless seashores, timeless ruins, friendly individuals, gobs of elephants, rolling surf, cheap costs, fun trains, famous tea, and tasty food make Sri Lanka appealing. It’s one of the best tourist spots for travelers and trip to Sri Lanka from Pakistan is quite economical too.


The cheapest trip to Georgia from Pakistan is Rs 50,000. Islands in Georgia like Cumberland Island, Tybee Island are simply splendid. Pakistani planning for a cheap trip to Georgian should experience the magnificence of these places.

Maldives – the water wonderland 

This island country is the image of heaven. Think cottages hovering over turquoise waters, beautiful golden seashores, and bunches of scuba diving. How could you not have any desire to travel to the Maldives? 

Interestingly, the best thing is that this fancy dream can be a reality since it’s shockingly affordable and also Muslim-friendly. 

Situated in the Arabian Sea, the capital Malé has a bustling fish market, cafés, and shops on the main road, Majeedhee Magu, and 17th-century Hukuru Miskiy (also famous as Friday Mosque) made of carved white coral. 


Egypt is a treat for students of history with its iconic pyramids and Great Sphinx, regal mummies in the Egyptian historical museum and much more.


Another tourist destination that you might want to consider. You can head out to this country within the budget of 1 lac and witness the wonderful landmarks it offers. Traveling to Azerbaijan is quite economical and you will appreciate every part of your tour. The country is rich in various cultures and natural landscapes. 


The least expensive flight to Ukraine from Pakistan is Rs 50,000. Crimean Resorts, Carpathian Mountains, and the beautiful city of Ukraine L’viv are the traveler’s best destinations in this country.

These are the few cheapest places that you can consider to travel according to your requirements and your budget. So, don’t delay, plan your trip, book your flight, hire your Rental Car, pack your luggage (packing hacks for your holidays), and get ready for a wonderful holiday with your loved ones.

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